Ball Courts/MUGA

Mini Mugas

Mini Multi Use Games Areas (MUGA’s) are often popular in schools and can also be used in parks and recreational areas.

Vale Sport & Play Ltd can tailor your design to meet your specific needs to help promote exercise and social interaction and improve health of users.

Goal Ends

Goal ends can be used within a Multi Use Games Area MUGA or as a stand alone feature to create a full pitch / training area.

Muga’s – Multi Use Games Areas

A MUGA is a Multi Use Games Area, consisting of sports courts, or a block of courts that can be used for a variety of different sports. They provide a cost effective area for children and adults to enjoy lots of different sports and develop their skills

Vale Sport & Play Ltd provides a full design and build service for all Multi Use Games areas, ranging from a simple tennis court with lines also marked out for netball and basketball, to a full sized synthetic grass pitch, marked out for hockey, tennis courts and five-a-side pitches. We can design each facility to meet your requirements to provide a versatile solution allowing wide range of sports to be played on one surface. They are modular, flexible and can be tailored to suit any location.


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